Sock Monkey Baby Shower

Misty at her baby shower

Misty at her baby shower

This weekend we celebrated life. It was my birthday (maybe you heard something about that?) and also, we had a baby shower for my friend Misty, who is expecting her first child. I’m so excited for her.

The second she told me she was pregnant I insisted I would throw her a shower. Of course, others were involved too. She is loved by many. I sent her a handful of ideas from blogs I liked. She’s having a boy and loved the idea of a sock monkey theme with vintage toys and candy. So a party was born.

baby shower penant

I cute out 192 triangles from craft paper for penants Katy Kat hung all over the patio.

It should be noted for the record: I was really more the party dula. I came up with a lot of ideas and prepped them. (And by “came up with,” I mean swiped them from other party blogs) Katy Kat did the labor to bring this party to life. I was very “helpful,” offering all sorts of suggestions for improvement on her work while she was on a ladder hanging ribbon banners from the ceiling for me. She threatened my life on several occasions. I tried to remind her of the greater good. Then I hid. I did not offer ice chips. I think she would have pelted me with them.

Misty loved her party. She praised my OCD in way that thrilled my soul but likely terrified Baby Daddy and Katy Kat for future parties, “It’s like every corner has another little surprise! I love all the detail.” It’s so lovely to hear compliments for my PsycoCrafting.

Once again, my photos fail to do justice to all the work everyone did. While I got a lot of credit, others did a much of the work. I appreciate their efforts tremendously. Now we just sit standby to meet Baby Fox in a few weeks. Can.not.wait.

Oh My Gluestick invitation

So adorable: invitation from we made the penants to resemble the banners on the invitation

sock monkey cookies

Kelli Marks outdid herself on the darling sock monkey cookies

milk & cookies

milk shots and cookies


party lights

party lights with globes changed to match the color scheme. this was the point when the other hostesses began to mock me.

red and blue soda

I was forced to go to Wal-Mart for Strawberry Crush and Blue Jones Soda. That's how much I love Misty. Or how insane I was about this party.

sock monkey centerpiece

sock monkey centerpiece

chair name signs

name signs for the back of the chairs

candy station

Auntie M was in charge of the candy station and make it look like an old fashioned candy store

close up of candy

water bottles also did the custom labels for the water bottles

wagon of gifts

baby gifts in the wagon

party favors gum ball machines

party favors: vintage gumball machines



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12 responses to “Sock Monkey Baby Shower

  1. All of it was absolutely adorable! This is the kind of party I would like to throw. I’m usually pretty good with the ideas, but Brad usually puts the kibosh on the execution. Glad I could play and provide the cookies.

  2. I might consider having another baby for a shower like this.

  3. OMG where did you get those gumball machines?

  4. Wow! Everything looked fab, and was so well thought out, right down to the soda! I’m NOT having any babies, but you make me want to celebrate something!

  5. Mary Ann Fox

    Unbelievable!! Your attention to detail is fantastic! Congratulations to you and your crew of gal pals for a memorable baby shower for Misty! Hope to see you when we arrive in December to meet our new grandson.

  6. alison

    love love love this. if i come to LR with a baby belly will you re-create this party for me?!

  7. Beth Garison Wylie

    It was a great shower! Loved all the special details.

  8. kari

    How did you make the cookies? I’m hosting a Sock Monkey Baby shower in 6 weeks. I too thought of a candy bar, but how did you cut out the banner? Our colors are Brown,Red, and White. I would love any helpful ideas that you may have.

    Many thanks,

  9. Sheree

    Hello! I am throwing a sock monkey birthday party for my sons’ first birthday! I’ve been looking everywhere for centerpiece ideas, and I absolutely love yours! I was wondering where you got the little red wagons from?

    Thanks so much!

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