Adventures in Glue Guns

The day many of you feared has arrived: I pulled my glue gun out of the attic. It was actually stored there. I’m not just being dramatic.

Several weeks ago, I saw a post from Just Something I Made on how to make personalized planners from vintage books. My friend Amy told me anyone who has the time to make that kind of craft doesn’t need a planner. Now she’s angling to get me vacuum her house. My friend Jill said I can make anything I want, but she would mock me mercilessly. I told her I understand. This is why we’re friends: I can morph into The PsychoCrafter and we both know it’s weird and still OK.

But still, I wanted to make them. So I did.

vintage children's books

I found a bunch of vintage books at a local flea market

vintage book cut apart

It was difficult, as a lover of books, but I cut the insides out. It helped to take a swig of bourbon before the first cut.

vintage books with new innards

I used my glue gun to put colorful folders as pockets in each of the books.

business card holder

I picked up day planners and also business card holders for these books.

The Psychocrafter label

I'm not sure if anyone else uses this moniker, but it seems appropriate.

Obviously, Amy and Jill will not be getting one of their own. The rest of you can suck up to me if you want one. I accept bribes: gluten-free cookies or brownies would be most appreciated.



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10 responses to “Adventures in Glue Guns

  1. Well, I love them, and not because I’m sucking up or anything. I often find myself making ridiculous things that I could easily have bought. There’s just something about the satisfaction I get from making something by hand.

  2. You’re shitting me.

  3. Brandi

    I saw that blog the other day, too, and thought they were so charming! And I supposed you can refill with a new calendar each year? How did you choose which vintage books to sacrifice?

  4. Jill

    Well, I will continue to point and laugh at you, but they are sort of cute, in that Little Women Beth kind of way.

  5. I see you have enablers.

  6. Jill

    Amy B. – at what point do we stage an intervention? (I am giving her til January, but not a minute after that.)

  7. I hate to alarm anyone, but she is turning into her mother. Help her quickly. Actually, she is more like her great grandmother who she never met but would have loved.

  8. Jena Selva

    I like it! Definitely an improvement on the ugly blue planner/ business card holder. I did cringe a little when I saw the gutted books though.

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