Halloween 2010


Monkey Boy as a race car driver

Monkey Boy was a race car driver for Halloween. If this looks familiar, it's because he was the same thing last year. The costume was just WAY too big then.

PHUMC Halloween Carnival

We went to the Halloween Carnival at our church. Monkey Boy declared he doesn't like cotton candy. There's something not right about that kid.

candy in Halloween pail

This was Monkey Boy's haul for the evening. He stinks at trick-or-treating. This violates our unwritten rule of candy theft. He's supposed to fetch candy with his good looks, and I get to eat it when he's asleep. It's so unwritten, he doesn't even know about it. Problem is: he's gonna notice missing those Milk Duds. Now I have to score my own candy.





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3 responses to “Halloween 2010

  1. I can just hear him saying: “But mommy, where are my Milk Duds.”

    He looked uber cute though! 🙂

    I don’t like cotten candy either.

    Have a great day.

  2. my son is not a fan of trick or treating either!
    he looked cute!

  3. Cute! I recycled my oldest kids first costume on my youngest. Thankfully, no one remembered!

    That is kind of a weak haul. Good news though, candy went on sale today!

    Swinging by from SITS.