Juice Box Labeling: Tales of Room Mom Failure

Halloween cookies

Kelli Marks makes the cutest Halloween cookies. ever.

At the beginning of the school year, I went to “New Parent Meeting” at Monkey Boy’s school. The good part of this meeting is they explain car pool, lunch schedules, rules, regulations, fines, penalties, etc. The problem with this meeting is by attending you are identifying yourself as fresh meat. They have lots of opportunities to volunteer. I should never, under any circumstances be left alone with women who know how to use guilt effectively and sign up sheets. Baby Daddy WAS. NOT. THERE. He was out of town earning a living to pay our mortgage or something stupid like that. I left that meeting as a room mother. In my defense, it was very hot in there.

I have done essentially nothing as room mom so far. There have been things to do. I just haven’t managed to get them accomplished. I did attend a meeting where they used the words “fundraiser” “Kroger card” and “collect” a lot. There was a freakish level of knowledge about Kroger cards in that room, actually.

Minute Maid juice boxes

Naked boxes

So now it’s Halloween time and the class needs a “special snack” to celebrate. I decided this was my chance to redeem myself from total room mom failure. I ordered cookies from Kelli Marks because she’s awesome. I picked up some cute plates and napkins. Nothing scary, of course. All that was left were the juice boxes. I saw this as my chance.


Halloween scrapbook paper and stickers

I found super cute scrapbook paper 4-inches wide. SCORE! That's the perfect size for juice boxes. I also grabbed so silly jack-o-lantern stickers.

partially wrapped juice box

I folded the paper around juice box and taped it into place.

wrapped juice box with straws

Don't forget to remove the straws from the box before wrapping. I tied them with ribbon to take along.

wrapped juice box

I used multi-layer pumpkin stickers for added texture and cuteness.

Halloween wrapped juice boxes

I don't know if you can make up for 2 months of non-activity in one party, but I'm gonna try with these.



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6 responses to “Juice Box Labeling: Tales of Room Mom Failure

  1. Ty

    Ummm . . . how can you tell what flavor is in the juicebox now? And what’s with the pooping cat cookies? Those cats look like they need to find a litterbox ASAP. 😉

  2. I think those are darling. Hope the kids appreciate all the work that went into them. I volunteered as a co-room mother once – that was just plain scary. A non-Mormon mother with a full-time job in Utah is something of an oddball anway and those women were INTENSE about their school activities. Now I avoid those meetings at all costs!

    PS: Yes, what is up with those constipated cats???

  3. I think you did great! Will you throw a party for me? I’ll even take the cat cookies! LOL

  4. “higher than a cat’s back on Halloween” cookies. NOT pooping cat cookies, thank you very much. :>)

  5. Somehow I ended up as room mom for both my 4th grader’s class and my kindergartener’s. How does that happen? It made this week uber crazy — I can so relate!

    Well, you were smart to have someone else make the cookies. They looked fabulous, and it gave you the opportunity to focus on making those juiceboxes absolutely special and adorable! Way to go!