Austin Bound

lunch at Ashley where I met Savannah

About this time last year, I met Savannah through some other people I met through the Little Rock TweetUp. I asked her if she wanted to meet at the park with our kids for a play date. She told me later she gave her husband my cell phone number and description of my car in case I turned out to be a crazy person. Well, I am a crazy person, but not the kind who hurts people.

What a difference a year makes. Earlier this week, I called her and said, “Hey, why don’t you abandon your husband and kids for the weekend and road trip with me to Austin?!” She said sure. It’s slightly more complicated than that. But not much.

We’re off to Austin for Bloggy Boot Camp. I’m one of the speakers. So that’s big, exciting stuff. You know, if you’re me. I still don’t have the stamina for an eight-hour road trip on my own, which is why I needed a partner in crime at the last minute. There will be shenanigans. They will be reported in due time. With any luck, the reporting will be only on our blogs and not to the authorities.

If you see us in Austin, feel free to send cheese dip to our table.



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10 responses to “Austin Bound

  1. Luckily, the LRTweetUp community is very generous. So, I’m sure everyone will chip in for bail money. I just hope there’s a PayPal link.

    PS: Jealous of your roadtrip and Bloggy Boot Camp. Have fun!!

  2. Connie Weiss

    Have fun!!

    You’re going to do great!

  3. Amy Goins

    In Austin, it will be called queso. Don’t let that throw you! Have fun!!

  4. Good luck with your presentation and have a blast – I hope to attend Bloggy Boot Camp someday!

  5. Sunshine

    Y’all will have an awesome time! Austin is amazing…I miss it very much! You have to go to 6th street at night just so you can say you’ve been. Chuy’s Mexican restaurant is AWESOME, and Amy’s right…there it’s called queso. Amy’s Ice Cream is a true Austin experience if you have time. Have a blast! @tsudo and I look forward to following along with your tweets!!

  6. Have fun guys but not like those other two women from Arkansas who went on a road trip (Thelma and Louise).

  7. Laura

    wish i was there. have fun! rock the bloggy boot camp and be sure to share EVERYTHING when you get back.

  8. I did not get to officially meet you at BBC, although we exchanged cards, but your talk was great. Love your site and your writing style. Damn you, Little Rock… love it!

  9. Great post. Wonderful content. Lovely delivery.

    Rididculous shenanigans.