Final Post About the Party – I Swear

I suspect left to his own devices Baby Daddy would have eventually sent thank you notes from his birthday party this weekend. He was raised right. But since he has me, he doesn’t have to demonstrate his own gratitude. I take care of that.

I obsess that fonts, pics, card stock and vintage stamps all match the invitations and signage at the party. And while I know that no one in their right mind care about these details but me, I still enjoy making sure they are all just right.

Front of the card: I make sure the font is the same as the signs from the party and the pics on the beer labels and invitations match

Back of the card: all he has to do is sign

I was forced to hand cancel these at the post office because Stephanie shamed me, and I MUST be the mail queen. I have a sickness.

Note: Baby Daddy is genuinely grateful for the friends in his life. He just doesn’t show it with stamps and ink.


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  1. mama

    I want one of those since I opened Camp Granna in honor of his day.