Baby Daddy Turns 40

Typical: 30 minutes before guests arrived, my hair was wet, barely any food was prepped, but by god, there was cold beer, wine and enough pumpkins and candles around here to start my own gourd cult.

By the end of the evening, about 30 friends and family had been fed, watered and sent home happy. I put my head on my pillow exhausted and satisfied because Baby Daddy said he felt loved. I can think of no better compliment to a compulsive party planner like me. I’m calling his 40th party a raging success. (mostly because it’s my blog and I can call it anything I want to!)

note: despite the poor quality of my photos, the house and yard looked really great. That would not have happened without the efforts of Katy Kat and her brother S. I am not above abusing child labor, and I worked the two of them really hard all day Saturday to get this place ready. I am supremely grateful for the all they did to make this a success.

The table by the back door where guests entered. Welcome to Case-toberfest.

Snacks: caramel apples and soft pretzels

Menu: brats, onions & peppers, potato salad and pretzels

The amazing Kelli Marks made the most fantastic cookies

I have a fear of running out of beer at a party that borders on pathological.

beer bottles labeled for the occasion

Gift from Katy Kat & Monkey Boy: each card listed one of the forty reasons Baby Daddy Rocks!

centerpiece on the patio bar


Katy Kat took pity on me for having no photos of Babby Daddy from his own party and sent this she snapped on her iPhone. She’s such a good girl.

Me & the birthday boy at the end of the evening



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4 responses to “Baby Daddy Turns 40

  1. I don’t remember the name of the guy in the light blue shirt sitting on your hearth – but wasn’t he also sitting in that same spot at Battle of the UAs? Therefore, I am forced to conclude he is always there. If I ever come over and the hearth is empty, it will be a disappointment.

    And, happy birthday to Baby Daddy! Glad he had a great party!!!

  2. Beth

    Love the beer bottles! How clever! Did you make those yourself?

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