Happy 40th Birthday!

It’s Baby Daddy’s 40th Birthday. Tomorrow is the party and I’ll have lots of pics next week. Today it’ll just be a quiet celebration with the chickens. Monkey Boy declared the dinner menu should be: pizza, cupcakes and chocolate ice cream. So that’s the plan.

We’re big not big on public displays of affection. In fact, my big threat is usually if he doesn’t do something I want I will French kiss him in public. He says he hates that, but secretly, I think he doesn’t mind too much.

For those coming to the party tomorrow, no worries. We promise not to make out. in front of you.

Since we’re a low PDA couple, I’ll leave the blog post at this: Happy Birthday, Charlie! Love ya, babe. I’m glad it’s you I’m gonna get old with. I’m glad you’re Monkey Boy’s dad.



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2 responses to “Happy 40th Birthday!

  1. David

    Happy birthday to Baby Daddy. If I were there I’d give you a man-hug and Sopranos style kiss, in public for all to see (Kidding …). Just think how much fun you’ll have when KJC has her 40th birthday in 2025.