Party Planning: Invitations

Friday is Baby Daddy’s 40th birthday. I’m super excited about throwing him a party this weekend. Mostly because I like throwing parties, but also because he almost never lets me throw him parties. So when he agreed to let me celebrate 40 years of him, I got a little excited. (For the record, Baby Daddy has taken to calling this MY party that happens to have him as a theme)

I’ve been planning for months. Mostly, I’ve been looking at too many party planning blogs. So roughly none of the ideas for this party are original. I’m also working like a mad woman to get this house whipped into shape before the party. I need a deadline to do anything, including actually decorating my house.


names and addresses have been blurred so our friends don't get unwanted surprises in the mail. If you're reading my blog, you're obviously suspect.


The first part of this event actually happened three weeks in advance when the invitations went out. I originally planned to type them all on my manual typewriter. It became clear pretty quickly, there are acts of loving care and suicidal overreaching. So I selected a lovely typewriter font and printed them. I forced Katy Kat into involuntary servitude to help me assemble, stamp and address them. She was horrified by the extent of my OCD. She would also be happy if I never had another “great idea” again.


I started with blank card stock and envelopes. The front of the invite features the cutest baby pic. Gotta love that hat!



The inside has a recent photo with all the particulars of the party: most importantly, beer & brats



Hoping to avoid a bunch of joke "Over the Hill" gifts, we decided to ask people to make a donation instead. Those are hats that really make a difference.



I went to an antique coin and stamp store downtown and found 70s decade stamps for postage. It gives the envelope a splash of color and makes people ask funny questions.


The guests are invited. Now I just have to prep the house, clean, decorate, buy food and beer. No worries. Ack!



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5 responses to “Party Planning: Invitations

  1. You would get along with one of our art directors here, Nancy. She designed the CJRW company birthday cards. She custom ordered stamps and we have to hand stamp the envelopes-three on the front, four on the back. I always end up with a bruised hand!
    Yours are cute! And, I can’t wait to do the cookies! (Is that a secret? Hope not.)

  2. It never occurred to me to use vintage stamps.
    I’m going to steal that idea right away, since I always hate the current selection of stamps available at the post office.
    No, I DO NOT want to put Homer Simpson on my Christmas cards, thank you very much!

    Do you go so far as to hand cancel at the post office when you drop your invites off? If you don’t then I’M THE WINNER of “Best Invitation Sender Ever”.

    That’s all.

  3. Pam in Ar.

    I just want to say, your mom shares some of your posts on her FB page with us. Love,LOve,LOVE what I read.

    Have a blast this weekend, sounds like a good time 🙂

  4. Awesome ideas! My hubby will be 40 in Nov. (me in Dec.) and I’m trying to get ideas for a shin-dig. Have a wonderful party weekend! 🙂

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