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There are things you do because they feel right & they may make no sense & they may make no money & it may be the real reason we are here: to love each other & to eat each other’s cooking & say it was good. ~Story People

My friends Savannah and Audreya wrote their Life Lists: things they want to do in this life. It got me thinking about my own life list. Most of it is really silly stuff, but sometimes that’s the whole point:

  1. Feel well and healthy again
  2. Write and publish a book
  3. Actually sell some of the books I wrote and published
  4. Laugh with confidence when I see copies of the book in the bargain bin at the Dollar Store
  5. Deliver a message from the US Senate to the US Speaker of the House
  6. Attend an official State Dinner (with an invitation)
  7. Drive the assistance cart through an airport
  8. Have a bowling alley named for me
  9. Have a marching band spell my name
  10. Go to the Oscars
  11. See Monkey Boy become a productive member of society (with as little therapy as possible)
  12. Throw a fabulous 50th Anniversary party
  13. Tour Europe
  14. Do a proper Disney vacation with Monkey Boy (just once because, Lord knows, it’ll fry my nerves)
  15. See Katy Kat create her “home base”
  16. Learn to sew
  17. Go to the Championship Game of the NCAA football playoffs (a girl can dream it will happen)
  18. Go to the NCAA Basketball Final Four
  19. Go to the Super Bowl
  20. Go to the final game of the World Series
  21. Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  22. Go to Cuba and drink bourbon at Ernest Hemingway’s house
  23. Fly with the Blue Angels (well, just ride along)
  24. Wear a fabulous hat at the Kentucky Derby
  25. Carry the Olympic torch
  26. Go to the Inauguration of the first woman president

Update: I don’t know how it slipped my mind, but thank you Beth for reminding me: 27. Go to Comic Con. (is there anything better for a geek like me?)



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13 responses to “Life List

  1. I love it! We’ll go to #17 together, since we both felt strongly enough about a playoff to mention it on our lists! 🙂 Also, add to your list “Expose Katy Kat to The West Wing”. She had to endure a lengthy conversation about it yesterday and said “I’ve never watched it.” I said “Does Kerri know?!”

  2. Kim

    Excellent Choices. Your Mom and Dad will be proud!

  3. David

    If you make it to England for num. 13 please let me know. I would like to have tea with you and see if I get a coveted mention on your twitter feed.

    Hemingway had a couple of local bars (e.g. La Bodegita del Medio) where he would drink mojitos. I hope you achieve your visit to Cuba, because it is such a great place.

    I also like number 8. I think a name that is a tribute to you would also be acceptable. I’m thinking “Monkey Boy Bowling Alley.” Has a nice ring to it.

  4. I like that you put “with an invitation.” Cause I could totally see you crashing, too…

  5. Tina

    Great list. I’d love to do 26 too!

  6. You forgot Comic-Con! 😉

  7. Ooh your list looks fun.

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  9. when you’re ready for #14, hit me up. i have spreadsheets, books, all kinds of magical resources

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