Rooster Plates and Wall Art

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In 2003, we built a new house. I decided I needed new dishes for my new house. I asked Baby Daddy if he had any preferences or opinions on dinnerware. He said no. He also said he did not have any desire to go shopping to look for new dishes. I took him at his word. I found the cutest dishes with roosters on them. They were even at Target. SCORE! He took one look at them and exercised his one veto of the new house decorating. Under no circumstances, he explained, would he eat his dinners on poultry. He didn’t care how cute I thought they were. Fair enough, the plates went back. I found other, non-feathered, bowls to eat our cereal.

Before: big blank wall in the den

This comes up from time to time as an example of 1) me having terrible taste or of 2) him unfairly waiting till the last minute to express an opinion. We have since moved to a 50-year-old house in a different part of town. This means a whole new set of home decorating projects. I invoked the Rooster plate episode earlier this week when I began the project of making the big blank wall in the den, well, not so blank. Art in not in the budget right now, so I needed something interesting but not expensive. My well-meaning friends suggested I make my own art. Given I have no real talent in that area or particularly good taste at times, I was hesitant but also determined. And I would take no guff from Baby Daddy if he didn’t like it.

Note: I have friends who are actually good at home decorating and design. Some of them make their living at it. I’m always nervous to share my projects because I know they’re never up to those standards. But since I asked for suggestions and promised I’d share results, here goes. Be kind.

I picked up an old window from the Habitat for Humanity ReSale shop in North Little Rock for $5

Monkey Boy made his own art while I repainted the window black

I picked up some scrapbook paper at Micheals. Total: $3

I used some of the dozens (literally) of black framed I have & cut the paper into different sizes & repeated themes

After: no longer a big blank wall in the den. Not too bad for under $10. For what it's worth, Baby Daddy said he likes it.


Got some helpful tips from my designer friends and made updates. Not sure I'm fully satisfied, but as with all creative endeavors, you never really finish, so much as stop.



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2 responses to “Rooster Plates and Wall Art

  1. David

    I like the rooster plates. You should not have taken guff from BD about them.

  2. Pat Ulrich

    As a “professional” artist who constantly gets critiqued by people who have no taste, don’t be afraid to be creative. Of course, as a “pro”, I have suggestions but would never, EVER share them. This is your vision, your design and your home.

    I’ve developed very thick skin over the years and pretty much have a “screw you” attitude these days. It has served me well.

    Nice job, BTW.