These Boots Were Made for…. Me!

I am super excited the weather is cooling off. Mostly, I loathe hot weather, but also fall clothes are just spectacular. So much better than sundresses, sundresses and hey, I think I’ll wear a sundress because it’s 258 degrees today.

what you can't see is the faux fur trim at the top that was tucked up under my jeans

Far and away, the best fashion for Fall and Winter is boots. My love began early in life. My sister passed a pair of boots down to me and I wore them as often as possible. Usually without regard to anything else I was wearing. I’m happy to report my taste has improved, and my love of boots endures. I love every color, every heel, every height. In fact, one of dear friends is nicknamed “Boots.” I will admit: I don’t really understand the peep toe boot. I’m not clear what weather conditions are necessary to cover your ankles but expose your toes. But to each her own.

This year the boot selection is fabulous. I get excited just looking at the pictures. Unfortunately, the photos will have to do. Monkey Boy needs news shoes practically every other week, and my closet, um, runneth over. But these really are nice to look at.

Over the Knee boots

I think over-the-knee boots are way hot. I just can't figure out how I'm gonna pull off these Emilio Pucci boots in the car pool line driving my Subaru.

These shown at are closer to working, but still, not quite there.

Flat Winter boots

These Chloe boots are beautiful and completely practical

I would be thrilled to never see a pair of UGGs again. Particularly with gym shorts. College girls, please stop doing that. It's just awful.

Fold Down boots

These Giuseppe Zanotti Apricot fold-over boots could be a bit much for Little Rock, but with the right outfit could totally blow the doors off the place.

Motorcycle boots

If you're watching "Sons of Anarchy" and love Jemma as much as I do, then Jimmy Choo has the perfect boots to channel that amazing character

Faux Fur boots

These Chanel mukluks would probably be a bit much on the streets of Little Rock

These Cri de Coeur "Wendy" boots are a beautiful update to my late 1970s version from childhood



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7 responses to “These Boots Were Made for…. Me!

  1. Are you sure those are faux fur mukluks? They might just be her legs. I mean – look at her hair, too. It’s entirely possible that she is half- abominable snowperson. Or from Narnia.

    Otherwise, boots!!!! Yes!!!!

  2. Sigh. I love boots. Boots make me happy. They make me tall. They make me feel confident. And, they kick ass (sometimes literally). I have a pair that I call my shit kickers, despite the fact that they have never been near poo and that they are Sketchers. Regardless, I love them. And they’re falling apart.
    Need replacements, stat.

  3. I LOVE boots. It’s one of the very few reasons I look forward to the winter months. And they are like a cheat item. On the laziest and most uninspiring days I can throw on skinny jeans, whatever top, and a good pair of boots will make it all look pulled together. Tee hee. I have to say – Yes, the UGGs thing is quite over…but I am still contemplating getting another pair this year. Reason being I live in the tundra and in January when everything is frozen over those are the boots I turn to. Mmmm…cozy toes…

  4. Courtney

    I gave away all my boots at the end of season last year because they were very dated. I just knew I would go right out and buy new boots in the fall. Here’s the thing: I didn’t know I was going to be pregnant and have a whole host of other things to spend money….alas, my fall just may be bootless and that is the saddest story I ever heard.

  5. I need new boots. NEED.

  6. I love all the boots you posted. I have so far picked up two pairs. A black super high platform suede pair and a grey low pair, sort of motorcycle-looking.

    Great SoA reference! I love that show but apparently not too many people in Canada know about it.

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