Show Me a Corn Maze

Monkey Boy and the Judge who made us all official and stuff

We don’t road trip often. Frankly, we’re not that good at it. We leave late, which is usually my fault. After about six hours in a car, my face is usually plastered to the passenger window screaming to get out of the car. I’m really more of circus animal than a zoo one. I put on a lovely show, but I’m not good in captivity for very long. I stop eating and eventually lose the will to live.

Since Monkey Boy arrived we’ve only taken two road trips. The first was mandated by the courts. We had to take him back to the land of his birth (Texas, it’s like a whole other country) when he was six months old for his final adoption hearing.

The Fam in The Grove

The next time was a trip to Oxford, Mississippi to see the Hogs beat Ole Miss. He wore a sear sucker suit to The Grove. We had a fantastic time with friends that weekend. Not long after the Ole Miss trip, Monkey Boy began a delightful habit of screaming in the car after 30 minutes. He could take a half hour in the car, but absolutely no more. We didn’t dare push our luck past the hour trip to Russellville for about two years. Don’t judge. You wouldn’t either.

Poor Dog

This weekend, we decided to test our luck and see if Monkey Boy was once again ready for the open road. Baby Daddy’s sister lives in Columbia, Missouri. It was her birthday. What better way to celebrate than having the circus come to town. We had a great time. I think everyone did. Except Aunt Becky’s dog. She never did figure out who the maniac kid was in her house and why no one would make him go away.

Saturday we went to a corn maze. I’ve never been to one before. I didn’t really know what to expect. I just figured Monkey Boy could run around a lot and burn off energy. It was actually a fun time. Baby Daddy played navigator with his map as we walked around in corn taller than us. It was unexpectedly very pretty there. I wish a was a better photographer so you could fully appreciate the simple beauty of this place.

Aunt Becky, Baby Daddy & Monkey Boy

We’ve made it home and I’m happy to be back with my own dogs and sleep in my own bed. But Monkey Boy was a real trooper and handled the trip better than we could have hoped for, which is to say, better than me. It was also nice to see Aunt Becky in her own element. She’s carved out a nice life for herself in Columbia. It’s easy to see why she likes it there, and she’s appears content in her life. It’s nice to see family settled in a life that makes them happy. I’m glad we made the road trip. The view was incredible.



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2 responses to “Show Me a Corn Maze

  1. I think your pictures are great! I’ve also never been to a corn maze. I can’t bring myself to do it. I grew up in Northern Illinois. Even before you learn not to run out into the road, you learn never to walk into a cornfield, lest you become hopelessly lost and die there. Glad you all made it out alive and had a great weekend!

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