Just a mom

This weekend someone asked me what I did. It’s a simple question. I ask it of others regularly. For the first time, I answered simply: I’m a mom. Those three words were the scariest things I have ever said aloud. No other job title was tagged on before or after. I’m a mom.

Monday I had to fill out a jury summons. If the you’ve ever had any faith in the justice system, now would be the time to hope, pray, chant, light candles, cross your pinky toes, that I do not get selected for jury duty. Nothing good will come of such a thing. Guess what one of the first questions on the survey is: Are you employed full-time? Nope.

I’m starting to have a little anxiety about this because overthinking everything is what I do best. Who am I without a job title? What am I worth without a paycheck? Am I just a bored housewife who can’t think of something important enough to get her out of jury duty? It does pay $11 a day, I’m told. So that’s something.

This morning a friend called. They’re stuck. They’ve got a sick kid. Wife is out of town. Husband needs someone to watch the daughter so he can go to work for a few hours before her doctor appointment. I can do that!

My charge at a recent bday party. She thinks I'm suspect. She should.

I am not just a mom today. Today I am a friend. Today I am the Little Dutch Boy. None of the world’s problems will be solved, but a scheduling issue can be fixed… by me. For today, that’s enough.

And really?  Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with a kid this stinking cute?



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2 responses to “Just a mom


    Kerri, I’m sure it meant alot to Amy knowing that her sick little angel was in a pair of loving and caring arms. You have the two best jobs..a mom and a friend you can count on to take of your sick child. Love reading your blog.

  2. Amy

    You are not only a friend, you are a great friend. I cannot tell you how much it meant to both Kirk and me to know that we had you to call on. You are the best. Because of you, Kirk’s boss has not yet threatened to fire him. Thanks for pinch hitting and snuggling with my baby!