A Life Soundtrack

I have long contended there are certain parts of life that should be like the movies. You know, if life was fair. For one, there should be a soundtrack. Certain things should not happen without music. If I had my way, this would be my soundtrack.
These are not my most favorite songs exactly. They are simply the most functional songs I know.

Life Soundtrack (player with each song below)

  1. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay: When you’re totally content and can just breathe in and out.
  2. In Your Eyes: A boy. A jambox over his head. No police are called because we don’t know about stalking yet. Swoon.
  3. Wonder of You: And then you fall in love
  4. Evermore: And baby makes three.
  5. San Francisco Bay Blues: When you need to dance in your living room, is there anything better than a kazoo?
  6. Shook Me All Night Long: Rock. It. Out.
  7. I Got a Feeling: Dance it out.
  8. No One Said It Would Be Easy: Push yourself just three and a half more minutes on the elliptical.
  9. Theme from Jaws: There are certain people who do nothing but leave a wake of carnage wherever they go. Unfortunately, since you are related to some of them, they are unavoidable. If, like the movies, you had some theme music to warn you they are about to appear, everyone could man their battle stations in preparation.
  10. Crazy Train: Because some days you’re on the morning commute like usual, and then you’re going off the rails.
  11. Welcome to the Black Parade: why yes, I’ll have a dash of rage with my well composed music, thanks.
  12. You Never Even Call Me by my Name: When you’ve had too much beer.
  13. Whiter Shade of Pale: When you’ve had too much bourbon.
  14. Hallelujah: When you’ve had too much wine.
  15. I’m Still Standing: And then you dust yourself off and try again.

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2 responses to “A Life Soundtrack

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  2. I often wonder what my soundtrack would be. I have so many songs that I love or remind me of a certain time in my life.
    Great post & great songs.