The Memaw Bathroom

Obligatory before photo of the tiny bathroom of ugliness

We moved into our current house this past New Year’s Eve. It had “charm” and “potential,” which is Realtor speak for “buy a bucket of paint.” The truth is this house has great bones and was well built. It’s not quite 50 years old. It’s been redone several times. The previous owners honestly did some good work. The updates were tasteful, even if not completely my taste. So I haven’t been in a huge hurry to do tons of work on it. The one exception is the guest bathroom… or as we have taken to calling it, the “Memaw bathroom.” It’s terrible.

This week, I could stand it no more. So I worked it over. It’s not particularly special from a decorating perspective, but it’s a HUGE improvement from what it was.

The first thing to come down was the woefully outdated valance. I'm almost certain I wore a dress made out of the same fabric in 1993. I was lucky someone didn't sit on me then because I must have looked like a couch.

I painted over the wallpaper (yes, I know people hate that) and added a quote in vinyl lettering from Once Upon a Wall

The fitures were ugly brass and didn't match, so I spray painted them bronze

I kept the light plates because I think they're funky and chose the paint color to highlight the accents in the tile. There really are some neat old feature in this house.

I spray painted some old picture frames the same color at the fixtures. I used leftover scrapbook paper from another project to add some accent color to the room.

Presto-Chango: a much improved bathroom in two days for about $25. Not too bad.

For some reason, having a room in my house that is devastatingly ugly makes me a little cranky, even if I’m rarely in it. I’m breathing a little easier today.



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2 responses to “The Memaw Bathroom

  1. Am I the only one who thinks that a quote about splashing water over the toilet is hilarious?

  2. Congrats on your makeover. When I first saw that valance, I thought it was the “after” picture and I was frantically thinking of something nice to say about it, but fortunately, it was part of the “before” section – whew! I do love the vinyl saying – I’ve got several of them around my house and I love them! They really add a nice, fresh touch.