They Come From the Farm

Years ago, I was at a now closed grocery store. I was standing in the egg section wondering aloud exactly what *is* the difference between brown eggs and white eggs.

(Baby Daddy wants it noted for the record, my habit of wondering aloud is often the cause of my misadventures. He contends my life would be considerably simpler is I learned to keep my big mouth shut sometimes. While this is often a valid point, in this case, it would mean missing the most excellent interaction that followed)

The stock boy beside me, who looked like he was all of 12, heard my musings and decided to help me out. He told me would check it out. He left his egg stocking duties to seek out the milk stocking boy. This one was obviously his superior because he looked maybe 16 or something. There was a conference, an honest to goodness, two minute discussion on the issue. Egg boy was sent back with an answer: “We think brown eggs come from the farm.”

I stood there stunned for a second. “I think they all come from a farm,” I replied upon recovery. He was then stumped. He turned to go back and conference with milk boy. I walked away. With my farm-raised, brown eggs. Because they’re just prettier.



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2 responses to “They Come From the Farm

  1. Steve

    Lol, great story. The actual difference is very simple. Some hens produce white eggs, and some produce brown eggs. Some people swear by one or the other, but in actuality it’s not the color of the eggshell that determines the taste. It’s usually the hen’s food and living conditions that affect the flavor most.

    But yes, brown eggs usually do come from a farm.

  2. Well, tell Baby Daddy that this particular musing was very well warranted and that NPR actually launched a full-scale journalistic investigation into the topic:

    And while we’re on the subject of eggs, let me say that I buy cage-free not so much in solidarity with Poultry-Americans, but because they eat grass and bugs and their eggs taste better.