Dear Miss Pat & Miss Pauline,

Here are some cupcakes. Thanks. How stupid is that?

Thank you is not enough to express how grateful we are to you for the love and care you have shown Monkey Boy. He’s a hot mess, but a really great kid and you saw that he is both. You put up with a lot from him: fits, nap strikes, all manner of body fluid issues, and so much more. We are beyond grateful. I hope he gave you all the hugs and kisses you deserve. He tells us all the time how much he loves you.

Next week, he starts “big boy school.” You have made sure he is ready. We couldn’t teach him how to walk in line, do circle time, or share with other kids. We needed you for that. You did your job very well. He is confident and excited about this next step. You get the credit for that.

I baked. I made a bouquet of pencils. It’s not enough. But it’s what I can do to show you in a tangible way how much we love you. You have been a blessing beyond measure.

P.S. If you get sick from my food, my most profound apologies.


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  1. Hope Monkey Boy has a great first day at Big Boy School. My girls start Big Girl School (9th grade at Parkview) on Thursday. The dino nuggets you mention in another blog brings back fond memories of little girls and pools and junk food.