Too Hot for Detox

If you didn’t know it before, let this post serve to notify you: I am a wimp.


I made it just 42 hours into a 10-day detox and threw in the towel. As it turns out, my planning was less than stellar. Trying to give up food and caffeine at the same time during the hottest week in more than two decades was probably not the wisest choice. On top of that, Monkey Boy has swimming lessons this week with the swim Nazi, (which is post for another day) but the upshot is, I’m on Monkey Boy duty.

I knew it was time to call it quits when I about tore his head off because his toy truck was making noise. I can’t be ugly to my kid over lemonade. I’m thinking of trying again when it’s cooler and I’m not playing the role of Monkey Wrangler. Maybe I won’t. Either way, this taught me I am incredibly grateful for 4 things: food, caffeine, good childcare and air conditioning.



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2 responses to “Too Hot for Detox

  1. Stacey

    I think that cleanse is not a good idea! It cannot be healthy to essentially fast for ten days. Seriously. Don’t do it!

  2. I may have just lost my childcare indefinitely (Steve’s mom has injured her back). OMG!!!
    Now I realize just how grateful I am for good childcare. Holy CRAP! What am I going to do? Panic has set in.
    If there air goes out or Sonic shuts down I will go into a full-blown tailspin!!! Seriously. Panic.