Making Lemonade

For the past few weeks, my system has been totally off kilter. I’ve long had digestion issues (trust me, you want no details) but usually a few pills, some sleep, lots of water, fruits and veggies and I’m back on track. For whatever reason, that is just not working now.

I’ve decided to do a reset with my system. If I were a furniture store or car lot, this would be an “Everything Must Go!” sale. Since I’m a person, it’s the Master Cleanse. Yes, I’m fully aware how disgusting that sounds. I prefer to think of it as the Lemonade Diet.

Some claim this will remove unnamed “toxins” from my body. While I’m certain there are quite a few toxins from bad eating habits over the years (I do love some processed sugary goodness), I don’t think this lemonade has mystical powers. I’m not looking for 10 days to magically change my body. I just need a clean slate to start again.

All of this is by way of warning, in addition to cutting out solid foods for a few days, I will also be off caffeine. Take the appropriate precautions. Man your battle stations. It’s possible I’m gonna be less than pleasant for a bit. This would not be a good time to poke the bear. Just sayin….



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5 responses to “Making Lemonade

  1. Stacey

    Are cookies included in the master cleanse?

  2. Ooh friend – I’ll be checking on ya! Call me whenever you need…

  3. GirlyGirl36

    Well girl, it was nice knowing you. Seriously praying for you…be strong 🙂

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