Boy Talk

At a birthday party this weekend, the mother of the birthday boy said she could now categorize pretty much all of his conversation into 4 categories:

  1. Mommy, I need…
  2. Watch this!
  3. Ouch!
  4. Why?

I think this is possibly the most brilliant commentary on 4-year-old boy conversation I have ever heard. Twice in the past 48 hours, I’ve had to tell Monkey Boy we were playing the quiet game because his machine gun assault with this succession of statements made my ears tired. I figured his mouth had to be tired too. Unfortunately, the quiet game didn’t work quite as well as I hoped.

“Hey. Hey, Hey, Mommy. Hey, Mommy. Mommy. … I’m being the quiet game now. Right, Mommy? Hey, Mommy. Right?”



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2 responses to “Boy Talk

  1. Glenna Williams

    You have the cutest little Monkey Boy ever.