Picture Imperfect

My mom is in very few of the photographs from my childhood because my mom was the one taking the photographs of my childhood. So from time to time when I’m out with Monkey Boy, I’ll ask someone else to take photo with me in it. That way when he looks back on the micro-documentation of his life (I can’t help it, I have a sickness) I’ll actually be in some of the photos.

This plan, it turns out, is better in theory than in practice. Usually, I’m asking people to snap a photo with my BlackBerry. It has an automatic focus and a large button to push, but somehow, it never turns out quite right.

Exhibit A: A trip to The Rep with my mom and Monkey Boy. I asked an usher to take a pic of the three of us.

Take 1: a little blurry, could you take one more please?

Take 2: Something is wrong with the button. Here, let me see.

Take 3: This thing just doesn't seem to want to work. Oh wait, there it goes. Got it.

Take 4: Last Ditch Effort, could the people behind us take a pic? Oh, forget it.

Exhibit B: An Afternoon at the Pool. I asked another mom to take a pic of Monkey Boy and me to send to Baby Daddy to brag about our fun adventures

Take 1: Everything was going fine... until I lost Monkey Boy's head under a GIANT FINGER! Run for you lives!!

Take 2: The 2nd mom actually moved us around to pose us until... well, I became nothing more than a beach towel & bikini top.

Monkey Boy is going to have to trust me from now that I was actually there.



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2 responses to “Picture Imperfect

  1. I am by no means a photographer, but I’ve always tried to take a little time and “frame up” a shot… especially if I’m taking it for someone else. You know, make sure you can see everyone’s faces and that no crazy guy in a Speedo is lingering behind the subjects. 🙂 I’ve also all but given up on asking others to do the same for me. Sad to say, David is the worst. He holds the camera at his chest. I know I’m shorter than him, but come on! Unflattering!!

    Maybe you’ll have to perfect the self-portrait for when you want in the shot. Either way, I am sure MB will always know you were there.

  2. I could do a similar post of all the photos Jon and I have attempted to take of ourselves, lacking anyone else to take photos of us. Almost always, I cut off Jon’s head, or he holds the camera at a weird double-chin-inducing angle.