At the Carwash {Wordless Wednesday}

Step 1: dunk the sponge all the way to your elbow in the soapy water

Step 2: Squeeze out the excess water.

Step 3: Fling some soap and water on the car, but more importantly on your shirt, short, head, driveway...

Step 4: Grin for a tip!



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4 responses to “At the Carwash {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. looks like flawless execution to me.

  2. Mama

    That’s a monkey of a car wash.

  3. onespy

    Don’t forget, the water in the bucket is almost waist high to Mr. MB. Hillarious! I just wish you’d try to express some love for that little boy. 🙂

  4. Laura

    i will be bringing my car over in the morning, okay? tell monkey-boy i tip with donuts and hugs.