So Glad We Gotcha

Today we celebrate Gotcha Day. It’s the anniversary of the day we took possession of Monkey Boy.

My sister's 5th birthday

When I was growing up, every year on our birthdays, my mom would wake my sister and I up and tell us the story of when we were born. It was always a nice, sanitized version that ended with, “I went to the hospital, and three hours later there was you.” Then she would always say, “I’m so glad I had you.”

Particularly after her marriage to our dad had ended, this was a powerful statement to us. Despite the pain the end of that relationship caused them, both our parents continued to tell us, they were so glad we were born. We were never a mistake, never a burden, never unwanted.

Donut breakfast on the patio

Every year on his Gotcha Day, I tell Monkey Boy the story of how he became a member of our family. We look at his baby book and I show him pictures of his birth mom. I always end with, “I’m so glad we gotcha.” I want him to know that despite how some people in the world view adoption, he was never a mistake, never a burden, never unwanted. He has always been loved.

This year, he seemed to get it a little bit better. I think it’s starting to sink in a little. He was quiet for a minute. I asked him what he was thinking about. He looked at me with very serious eyes, “pickup trucks.”



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6 responses to “So Glad We Gotcha

  1. “every year on our birthdays, my mom would wake my sister and I up and tell us the story of when we were born”

    What an amazingly simple, but smart idea. People should do this for anniversaries, too. It reminds me of how in some religious holidays, Passover, for instance, you tell the same story over and over again each year, like you are hearing it for the first time, like you are living it again, so you feel the renewal of the moment. That’s how a birthday should be — like a fresh start for a new year.

  2. Leah

    We have made a funny little book for Brady, showing all the places we hung out in before the lawyer called us to come to the hospital. I will always remember when my husband came in to the room, the birthmom yelling ‘COME ME YOUR SON’.

  3. Kim Millsap

    Our two Adult Children were adopted. Two of the Best Blessings God Almighty ever provided us!

  4. We celebrated our youngest’s Gotcha Day just last week. Hard to believe that 11-lb. baby is now 13 and about to start Parkview. Here’s a link to that story if you’re interested: