The Declaration of Independence

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how powerful the words of the Declaration of Independence are. Seems a group of actors got together to remind us with an amazing reading: (while you’re watching just pretend Mel Gibson hasn’t recently shown himself to be a total ass)

As wonderful as these words are, and they are moving, my friend Bryan Jones wondered today “how different the USA would be, if people of all color were given liberty and justice on July 4, 1776.” And I add, “and gender.” Now that friends, would have been revolutionary…



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5 responses to “The Declaration of Independence

  1. David

    That was a nice reminder – it had been a while since I read the whole document through, and although I might have chosen someone other than Hollywood actors (who are not exactly known for being scholars), it let me do the dishes at the same time. Here are my thoughts, since no one else has commented so far. Maybe I am talking to the wall …

    The Declaration is a masterpiece of polemical writing. I didn’t grasp this until just a few years ago. Some of the stuff – most of the stuff – they accuse King George of is so outlandish that it is funny (yes I know such words could get me an ass-whoopin in the States apart from liberal arts departments in most major universities or San Francisco). Can you imagine being the dudes in Britain reading this document? They stop short just about of accusing the King of being in alignment with the Prince of Darkness himself, but not by much.

    I imagine that the British authorities reading this would have been simultaneously amused and irritated – here are these young adolescent upstarts talking smack to us when we did all the work of raising them up.

    Despite the hyperbole in the D of C, I am still proud of the radical vision that the founding fathers had for a new country. In just a few years they’d produce a vastly superior document (the US Constitution) which really was transformative and has stood the test of time. Although the United States is a young nation, no other written, still-functioning constitution in the world is as old.

  2. Onespy

    Thank you, DYLR. It was perfect except for the gender thing, ;-). Thanks, and, Oh, Happy Birthday America.

  3. Nice to hear all those words beautifully read out loud – which would be the reason for choosing actors, not scholars 🙂 – thanks for sharing this, Kerri.

    • Onespy

      I agree. Actors and directors can evoke the emotion of the document where scholors, well… bless their hearts, are just that, smart people.