Monkey Boy Turns 4

Sarge, the dog & Monkey, the boy

Last year after our crazy old dog Murphy died, we got a new dog. Sarge came from the Humane Society of Pulaski County. Because he was surrendered by the adult children of his previous owner who died, the Humane Society did not accept their usual fee for adoption. They simply asked that we remember them for donations in the future.

Monkey Boy regularly tells me Sarge is his best friend. He is exactly the kind of dog a little boy should have. He is playful and patient with a child who regularly puts him in a headlock and wrestles him to the ground, calling it a “hug.”

When Monkey Boy’s birthday came around, we decided the Humane Society was the perfect organization to “gift.” We threw our car-crazy boy a Monster Splash party, which sounds much more dramatic that is actually is. It involves Monster Truck cookies (by the brilliant Kelli Marks) and kids playing in the water sprinklers, having water balloon fights and crash-landing on the Slip ‘n Slide. Friends and family brought items to help Humane Society care for pets instead of gifts for Monkey Boy. Monkey Boy gets to take them to the shelter where he first met Sarge.

Water Balloon Fight

After Monkey Boy’s third birthday, I struggled with the idea his innocence would eventually be lost. It killed me to think about a time when he would know the world wasn’t only good. While I still hate that, living it out over the past year has been so gradual that it doesn’t really hurt. He tells me the bad guys are “not very nice” on Scooby Doo. He declares that the character Chick Hicks should “get a spanking for crashing into The King.” He even understands his own actions have consequences, explaining very seriously, “If I use nice words I will get m&ms. If don’t I will get a time out.”

This feels… normal, not scary or earth shattering at all.

Make a Wish

He’s growing into a really great kid: funny, analytical, devious, loving, kind and stubborn. So now we dive into the year five. Lord only knows what’s in store. But the Monkey Boy seems ready.

Side note: If you would like to help the Humane Society of Pulaski County help more families and pets find each other, you can visit their website for donation information. Sarge says thanks in advance.



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2 responses to “Monkey Boy Turns 4

  1. Kelli

    That’s awesome what you guys decided to do. It’s one thing for an adult to do something selfless, it’s quite something else when a child is able to do that. I love when children can look past the needs/wants of trivial toys and see the bigger picture. It speaks volumes about your parenting. Good for you!
    Also, glad I could be a small part of such a fun looking day!

  2. Ryan

    Great story.

    Happy belated Birthday to the Monkey and Happy belated Gotcha-day to the Sarge.