Monday fights dirty

Monday is ugly. His mama dresses him funny, and he’s taking it out on the rest of us. The only solution: send lawyers, guns and money … or chocolate … bourbon could probably do the most good. But that’s not the point.

Monkey Boy playing with cars beside my desk

After what can only be described as a traumatic morning at home, which culminated in Monkey Boy screaming because he got his hand caught in the dog kennel, (again, I assert to no one in particular: he’s gifted) he came to the office with me for a little while to calm down. He played with his trucks and ate a snack. After the appropriate amount of kid spoilage, I took him to school.

But I still just can’t get my mojo working today. I’m annoyed for no real reason, and all the normal daily irritations are about to give me a rash. I feel like Toby Ziegler on West Wing when he announced, “There is literally no one I do not hate right now.” So in that charitable spirit, I give you today’s theme song:



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2 responses to “Monday fights dirty

  1. Kelli

    Yes! Emphatically yes! What is it about today? There’s nothing special about it except that it’s royally pissing me off.
    Despite my last true Summer vacation falling more than 12 years ago, I have decided that I am suffering from a vacation deficiency and think we need to take it back. I mean really, between kids and adults, who really needs a summer off?
    Adults. That’s right!

  2. Wow, you are so right – Mondays and Toby Ziegler go together quite well.