Hunting and Gathering

Black Thumb Gardening by Mama Case

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that my attempts at container gardening have not gone terribly well. Thankfully, we have the Argenta Farmers Market to keep us in fresh, local fruits and vegetables because Lord knows local is not going to mean my patio. At least not this year.

The Farmers Market is becoming a Saturday routine around here. Monkey Boy and I load up our tote bags and go hunt and gather food. And by hunt and gather I mean, I order what we want online during the week and they have it bagged and ready for me when we arrive.

The REAL joy of the Argenta Market

Sometimes friends go with us and we tool around and see if there are any serendipitous finds. Then we go across the street to the grocery where they have what Monkey Boy is really interested in: donuts and chocolate milk. We people, dog and car watch while getting sugared up. And Monkey Boy gets to ride in the little carts. Over all it’s a pretty great way to start a weekend.

Farmers Market


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