Memorial Day

My friend gets annoyed when people confuse Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. Veteran’s Day is to honor all who served in the military. Memorial Day is to remember those who died in their service. I understand the distinction in my head, but in my heart, the two get mixed up together.

Brief Soapbox: Generally, I think we are a nation who likes to give lip service to our armed forces, but in reality, we are an ungrateful nation. We like parades and fireworks and flag waving and John Philip Sousa, but we should be ashamed of ourselves for how we treat some of our military and veterans. As long as service men and women are paid below the poverty line, are not given proper medical care for the physical and mental conditions they sustained in combat, veterans are homeless and are viewed as grabby for demanding the promises made to them be honored, we are not a grateful nation. [Soapbox over]

Today we give thanks for those who wore a uniform and didn’t make it home for their ticker tape parade. We pray for the day when there is peace and we no longer must ask for their sacrifice. In my case, I say a prayer of deep gratitude for my grandfathers, uncles and dad who did come home and raise the families who I get to complain about on this blog. May God bless all of their service.



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2 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. KatieMc

    I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY with the soapbox statement, even though I’m the friend who is referenced in the first paragraph. 🙂 Today I remember my grandmother, Jean Ackerly Barnard, who, earlier this year, was buried in her Army nurse uniform after a long life of service…first to her country, then to her family.

  2. You speak for me on this issue.