Mother’s Day Soapbox

Dear Moms Everywhere,

Today is the day we celebrate all you do. The stuff you do that no one ever shows their gratitude. Today is the day we say thanks for waking up early and going to bed late so that everyone else in your family can have what they need. We’ll take you to brunch, give you flowers or gift certificates for massages. We’ll do our best to make you feel special. It won’t be enough. It never is. It can’t possibly be.

That is why you must pay attention to advice you’ve heard before and most likely ignored: make a decision to celebrate yourself every day. Sometime in between diapers and homework and science fair projects and Halloween costumes, you must make a place for your personal dreams. You must start today. Your children are the most immediate thing in your life. In some ways, they’re the most important work of your life. But it’s still your life, and when this mommy temp gig is over, you’ll have to keep living it. Make sure you’ve got a life left to live. (Side note to Moms with husbands, be sure you’re taking care of your marriage and not just your kids or you’ll be living with a stranger soon.)


A Mom who is trying very hard to practice what she preaches

Your time is now. To be fearlessly resilient. To rebound with purpose and power. To lead with intention. To discover what you want — and go get it.


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