The Rock & Mother’s Day Flowers

We celebrated Mother’s Day a day early here today. Mostly because Monkey Boy is many things, but a secret keeper he is not.

Monkey Boy and Baby Daddy went on a “Secret Mission” this afternoon. He announced at least a half dozen times before they left, his Secret Mission was to buy me a present. I thought I’d already gotten my gift. I mean, yesterday when leaving school, he picked up a rock off the parking lot and announced, “I’m gonna give it to my Mom!” What more could a girl want?

My friend Bec was here sipping lemonade on the sun porch with me after our trip to the Argenta Farmer’s Market when Monkey Boy left with Baby Daddy in hot pursuit of something more than a rock. We took bets on how long after he got home he could keep the “secret” of his Secret Mission. The longest we figured it would be was 10 minutes.

He didn’t even make it through the door before making the announcement, “MOM! WE GOT YOU FLOWERS! I PICKED THEM OUT! I WILL SHOW YOU!” (Nothing worth telling is worth telling in an inside voice.) They are truly lovely. But I think the rock will last longer. And I’m totally keeping it.



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3 responses to “The Rock & Mother’s Day Flowers

  1. Since I’m the child of a #boymom I can say that those silly things like rocks meant the world before I understood I was supposed to purchase touching cards.

    I love how you put this, “nothing worth saying is worth saying in an inside voice”.

    Glad you are keeping the rock. This little posts are beginning to tug stronger at the heart strings of a guy about to be a father. Keep it up.

  2. Hey, I love your blog – how fun and what an awesome writer you are. Most of all I adore the images at the top -were those all your idea? You inspired me to write more about my little guy’s adventures, won’t be as great at writing it, but at least I won’t forget the funny and wonderful simple things. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for leading me to the place where I found my whole world – the most special perfect boy ever!

  3. berit

    as a fellow #boymom, i can tell you that i have a drawer full of special rocks…they don’t ever fade or go bad