Here Comes Peter CottonTail

Easter easily has the best food of any holiday. I realize on Good Friday I should be writing about forgiveness and stuff, and I’ll get to that at some point, but first things first: chocolate, more specifically chocolate bunnies.

don't mock, if you're a girl even close to my age, your mother dressed you like this too

When I was kid, every Easter we got baskets from the Easter bunny. We put the empty baskets out on Saturday night and the next morning they were filled will sugar. It was great. Peeps, marshmallow eggs, M&Ms, jelly beans, but most important: a chocolate bunny. My sister and I dove right in and inhaled as much as we could until my mom made us eat breakfast and go to church. I’m certain my Sunday School teacher hated me more than the usual amount that day given how horribly behaved I must have been.

before I got the candy, I just chewed on the basket

After lunch, we got to eat our chocolate bunnies. I always ate the eyes first. They were tasty candy eyes. The carrot was next, then the ears then the face, on down until lastly the feet. I ate every bunny I can remember this way. It was a little creepy years later when I watched our old dog Murphy tear a fluffy toy to pieces: eyes first, then ears, on down. It was the first clue my insanity might, just may be, the tiniest bit, contagious.

I’ve notice in recent years people mentioning they find these bunnies creepy. I don’t get it. Maybe if I hadn’t grown up dismembering their chocolate goodness, I would feel the same way. Word to wise: advising the faint of heart to eat the candy eyes first so they don’t look at you anymore doesn’t make them feel better.

Monkey Boy's 1st Easter: Clue #847 my insanity might, just may be, the tiniest bit contagious

But I will not be made to feel shame for my love of the chocolate bunny or any other Easter sugar. In fact, I will pass on with pride this love to Monkey Boy. He doesn’t seem to mind the indoctrination.



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5 responses to “Here Comes Peter CottonTail

  1. not only did my mother dress me like that…i had that exact dress!! I dressed Samantha the Growling Bear in it circa 2nd grade and she still wears it today. Happy Easter. 🙂

  2. Glenna James

    I just got tears in my eyes reading this and looking at the pics.

  3. Point #1: You and Monkey boy couldn’t be more adorable.

    Point #2: The chocolate bunnies are still super scary, and they way that they look at me, I know that they want to steal my soul.

  4. Gotta love the dresses we used to wear! My fav. was always the big white plastic purse w matching hat!