Fine, call me a Mommy Blogger

…but the kid is cute and I have to put this stuff somewhere his grandparents can see it. ( I don’t know why he crawled into his bed when I pulled out the camera, except maybe he thought he could escape me that way.)

His rendition of Little Bunny Fu Fu is cute, if a little aggressive.

He knows the magic words…all of them. (translation key: I gotta dabra = Abra Cadabra)



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2 responses to “Fine, call me a Mommy Blogger

  1. You should come link your blog to Arkansas Blogger. Beginning next week, we are going to be linking our favorite blog of the week. Hopefully by this summer, I will have us organized by location. If I’ve sent you a message about this before, I apologize:) Blame it on my sometimers:)

  2. Glenna Smith Williams

    2 things.
    1. It’s usually the kid that says “okay, do it one more time”.
    2. Cute that he knew the real magic word is “Please”.