Beezus & Ramona or Jamie & Kerri

I LOVE pretty much everything written by Beverly Cleary. My all-time favorite books growing up were the Ramona series. For a certain time in my life, I was convinced these books were about me. OK, not really, but I understood Ramona. It felt like Beverly Cleary was an adult who understood me.

I remember my mother and sister reading the Ramona books together. Of course, Jamie related to Beezus. They both had annoying little sisters who sucked up all the oxygen in the room. Then when I could read, I read the Ramona books with Mom. Jamie was careful to spoil all the good parts. She is a big sister, after all.

His name wasn't the only reason he was ridiculed. Poor dog had to play house with Jamie & me... on rose sheets! This day he was the baby.

In one of the books, Ramona named her doll Chevrolet because she believes it the most beautiful name she’s ever heard. Beezus is mortified by her sister, but Ramona stands by her convictions. This inspired me. We got a dog not long after that. Because my sister had been allowed to name the two previous cats, I got to name the dog. I named him Skit Beatrice Jackson. I wouldn’t budge on the name. My parents and my sister tried to convince me this was the single most ridiculous name ever given to an animal. But I channeled my inner Ramona and I dug in. That poor dog was AKC registered under a name inspired Ramona’s big sister. You know all the other dogs in the neighborhood mocked him. No wonder he was cranky his entire life. Some idiot little girl tagged him with the worst name in dog history. I loved that dog, even after he bit me in the face leaving a scar, and I loved Ramona.

So when my friend Kristin wrote on her blog there is going to be a Ramona movie coming out, well, this may well be the highlight of my summer.

I’m calling my sister. I want to see it with her.



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4 responses to “Beezus & Ramona or Jamie & Kerri

  1. Kelli

    Ramona! Loved it! I read them all. And I remember the doll named Chevrolet. I remember reading it and ‘pronouncing’ the “T” in my head. I liked to think that Ramona ‘fancied the name up a bit’ and didn’t strait name her doll after a car.

  2. Kelli

    *straight. Ewe I hate typos.

  3. Who didn’t love Ramona? I had a classmate whose last name was Whaley and I was convinced he was related to Mrs. Whaley from Ramona Quimby, Age 8.

    And I will now, forevermore, pronounce the ‘t’ in Chevrolet just to fancy it up. 🙂