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It’s easy to get self-obsessed. Ok, it’s easy for me to get self-obsessed. You, of course, always put others first. I have been feeling particularly awful the past couple of days and have basically been lying around feeling sorry for myself. And I am so sick of me right now I could puke. As it turns out, while I was in my Kerri-centric bubble, a couple of things came across my Twitter feed to remind me I’m not such a big deal. So in an attempt to redeem myself for the past 48 hours, I’m passing them on to you, selfless reader, so we can all help a couple of kids out.

Daniel - can you really say no to that face?

Daniel is about the cutest 8-year-old I’ve ever seen. I met his mom, Laura, this fall and we became fast friends. She’s a super cool mama. Her youngest, Daniel, was born with special needs. He’s doing marvelously, largely because of amazing parents and four older sisters who would burn down your house before they let you hurt him. I’m pretty sure he got some fabulous medical care along the way too.

Anyway, the point of this is, Daniel’s school is having a jog-a-thon. The class that raises the most money wins an ice cream party. So here’s the shameless plea for money: Wouldn’t it be great if the special ed class won the ice  cream party? You remember elementary school. Did the special ed class ever get noticed for being anything but, special? Here’s your chance to help these kids get recognition for something else. And hey, who doesn’t love ice cream? Every little bit helps. Please give $5, $10, $20, whatever you can do. Laura has the details for giving on her blog.

Tori - She has on off road wheelchair. Rock on!

Then I read about Satori. I actually don’t know Tori or her parents. But I was struck by her story that came to me through a mutual friend. She’s 10, and has a spinal disease that prevents her from walking, crawling, etc. Her mom describes her as cute, brilliant and a firecracker. She is having surgery next week. She is expected to be in the hospital for 7-10 days. Fortunately, her family is insured and have great medical care.

Her mom is requesting post cards. Lots and lots of post cards from as many places as they can get them. Fun, brightly colored messages of hope and get well wishes. If you click on the link to her story, it gives all the details for sending them. This will cost less than a dollar, and what a great way to make a little girl feel better.

This is a great project to involve kids. Monkey Boy doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be coloring a post card for Satori this weekend. I’m not sure he understands things like this, but I figure one day he will, and it will be second nature to him to help.

I’m expecting big things from you people: pitch in, help out, give a little. You know, don’t be like me!


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