Food, Glorious Food

A couple of summers when I was a kid, my parents had a garden. They grew the stuff people grow here: okra, squash, radishes, purple hull peas, and tomatoes. Of course, a bit of the nutritional content was lost when the okra and squash were breaded and fried in LARD in an iron skillet, but they made an effort all the same.

For my book club this month, we’re reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. The author and her family move to a farm and vow for one year to eat only what they buy in their own community or grow themselves.

Now there is absolutely no way I am moving to a farm, so simma down. But it has caused me to really start thinking about what I put in my body. Last night, I was craving greasy tacos and Baby Daddy obliged me. As soon as I was done eating, my entire digestive tract practically screamed, “What did I ever do to you?!” It’s a fair question. I really do not treat my body well at all.

So today I placed my first order with the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market. (my friend Sarabeth told me about them.) I pick it up Saturday. I’m starting small: milk, eggs, honey and bacon. (I can’t help myself, I really love bacon.) Eating local food is better for any number of reasons: it’s fresher; it leaves a smaller carbon footprint; it helps my allergies; it gives local farmers a market for their food. It’s a start to healthier eating.

I’m also toying with the idea of growing some of my own vegetables this summer. I like the idea of a container garden on the sun porch. This would keep my ridiculous dogs out of it and allow Monkey Boy to help me. I really think he would enjoy digging in the dirt and watering the plants. According to any number of websites, a total fool could grow fruits, flowers and vegetables this way. They have obviously never encountered the power of my black thumb.

I’m going to wait a couple of weeks to decide fully. I really need to get some more energy back before I commit to taking on a project. It could be fun though: Mother Nature vs. Mamma Kerri in a container garden smackdown.


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  1. Smackdown! That’s definitely a word I could use in regard to my gardening capabilities. My grandmother was a fantastic gardener – tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, even cotton one time because she was curious about it.

    I kill nearly everything I try to grow. I don’t know what happened to that gardening gene…