There’s no particular event in my life I can point to that explains why I love them so much. I just totally dig typewriters: antique, manual typewriters. I like the click clack of the letters. I love the bell on the return carriage.

Baby Daddy is baffled by this fascination. When I started looking for one awhile back, I told him of my quest. He stared at me blankly, “Why?”

I tried explain the charm of the clacking and the bell and letters, and he just kept looking at me. He does a really good George Burns act. All he needs is a cigar. I realize, this makes me Gracie Allen in these exchanges, but all the same, I was undeterred in my quest. I tried explaining I planned to type his birthday invitations to get a really great look. “Can’t you just use your shiny MacBook Pro over there and find a font to get the look you’re going for?” He really doesn’t get it.

I found a few on eBay I liked. Some needed more work than others. After a bit of sifting through the clutter, I finally got my very own typewriter.

When he arrived at our home, delivered via UPS instead of the stork, it was like a new puppy. I looked at the bottom of his feet to determine he was a boy. He obviously needed a name. Baby Daddy reminded me he does not participate in my shenanigans, and naming a typewriter falls into that category.

With the help of friends on Twitter, I decided his name should be Hemingway. It’s a sturdy, literary name and I like bourbon and Key West.

Hemingway has taken his place on my roll top desk. I hope he likes his new home.



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4 responses to “Hemingway

  1. Love the new dress! 😉

  2. Amy

    Love the re-design. Now your blog is as pretty as you!

  3. It’s funny how we happen across blogs accidentally, and then they end up having some kind of connection for us.

    I searched for the phrase “waller around” and landed here. My wife is from Little Rock and we both grew up in Arkansas. Then I noticed pictures of someone at a typewriter, and this post about how you got yours. I have a very old one that I inherited from my deaf grandfather, who used it to type letters that he faxed to me. I have yet to type anything on it, but maybe you’ve inspired me. Thanks.

    I still haven’t decided whether I’ll use “waller around” in the post I’m preparing.

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