Little Yellow Dress

The little black dress. It’s classic. It’s chic. It’s timeless. I love this dress. Know how you can tell? I own 16. No kidding. That is not hyperbole; I own 16 little black dresses. They range from cocktail to mom-taxi attire. I wear a black dress at least once a week. It’s safe wardrobing.

Hollywood photos I saw in my teen years convinced me there was nothing more glamorous than this look. I have not so secretly wished to be Audrey Hepburn or Natalie Wood, or at least to look like them. As a child and tween, I dressed essentially like Punky Brewster. I figured out sometime in high school, it’s best not to have loud clothes and a loud mouth. So the black dress became a safety zone for me.

Lately, life has been a little heavy. I’ve been sick. Some dear friends are going through tough times. It’s been a Hazy Shade of Winter, to quote the Bangles (the version 80s girls like me prefer).

And I need a Pocket Full of Sunshine, to quote Natasha Bedingfield.

That must be why I was drawn to it. While doing a little window shopping online, I saw the most fabulous yellow and white dress. Now let’s be serious, I don’t wear yellow and white, but this. is. perfect. I ordered it. It arrived this week.

It’s hanging in my closet: a sign of hope. Spring is coming. My friends will be ok, eventually. I will have energy again, and I will wear that dress!

Somebody invite me someplace! (in like 2 months) I have the most amazing dress!

And for those who need a music fix after reading this:



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2 responses to “Little Yellow Dress

  1. but won’t you be Walkin on Sunshine? (a little katrina and the waves for you my dear…)

  2. merlisser

    oooh I like the dress. Nice.