Style Me Pretty Obsessed

I blame Boots. It’s entirely her fault. And Tanarah for that matter. We had lunch last week and they said, “Oh you HAVE to go see this website!” Now I have a Style Me Pretty addiction. Do you think there’s a 12-step program for people like me? I’m a little pressed for time, since I’m already in a support group for Pumpkin Spice latte withdrawal.

During the recent Snowmageddon, I’ve been feeling not so great. TV was too boring and working on the house required too much energy. So I started playing around on the site. I have now created “Inspiration Boards” an event for work, a 40th birthday party for Baby Daddy (in EIGHT months) and am starting work on Monkey Boy’s birthday party.

Anyone got a wedding to plan? I can style it for you. Need an anniversary party designed? I’m your girl. Thinking special event thoughts? Give me a shout.

But seriously, if I can bring to life the vision I have for Baby Daddy’s birthday, won’t it be spectacular?

C 40th



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2 responses to “Style Me Pretty Obsessed

  1. gorgeous! I consider it a badge of honor to be your pretty pusher.

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