Snow Day

snow/ice day in downtown ~

The weathermen of Little Rock got it right for once when they predicted sleet and ice today. Shocking, but true. Not long after 5am, the Little Rock School District called it a snow day and that means Monkey Boy had no daycare.

We don’t have a lot snow/ ice days in this town. Because this really only happens once, maybe twice, a year, it makes no sense for the city to spend money on proper snow equipment. We just all stay inside and wait it out. For the record, for all my childless friends who kept wishing/praying/twittering for a “day off,” a day at home with a toddler is NOT a day off.

view from my comfy bed working from home

Fortunately, Baby Daddy is a tech geek and will not live in a home without wireless high-speed Internet. This means working from home is a feasible option on days like today.

Baby Daddy also called Katy Kat about 8am. He told her if her plan was to end up at our house, she should probably consider heading on over…just to be safe. Since classes were canceled for her as well, she like any good college student was totally asleep. And like any good college student, she totally lied about it. “I’m up!”

Katy Kat doing "work"

She functioned as a bit of a Monkey Boy wrangler while Baby Daddy and I did work, got on conference calls and basically tried to be productive, all while desperately wishing to nap. Katy Kat did a bit homework, after I pulled the nagging pseudo mom card and asked her if she should be doing any. Mostly, she pretended to be working hard and watched her favorite shows online. She’s allowed; it’s a snow day.

I work under the theory that all the rules of the universe don’t apply on snow days. I mean if frozen water fell from the sky in Arkansas, then obviously natural law is suspended. So since calories don’t count, I made pancakes for lunch. Ugly pancakes, with butter and syrup that were so tasty, even Monkey Boy ate some and he’s pretty much on a pb&j only diet. What I don’t understand is why Baby Daddy and Katy Kat chose the time when I was preparing a delicious meal for them to heckle me. In unrelated news, spit is basically undetectable in pancakes.

As Monkey Boy is the only one in this house for whom a nap is acceptable, even preferable, he is the only one who absolutely did not want to take one. While Baby Daddy was trying to get him down, our doorbell rang. The 8-year-old neighbor girl told me her house was out of toilet paper and asked if they could have some. I gave her a package. It was the only neighborly thing to do. A bit later, it was my turn to try to convince Monkey Boy to sleep. The doorbell rang again. When I came downstairs, the toilet paper was back and Baby Daddy had a bag of cookies.

still in pjs at 4pm, watching Herbie, sitting on the stool in the kitchen because he can't eat in the den

He said he purchased them from the neighbor girls who brought the toilet paper back on their sales call. I asked why they didn’t need it any more. This whole episode was getting more and more bizarre. He couldn’t seem to give me an answer. I kept pressing because I was so confused. Finally, he told me he didn’t ask nor expect to get a credible response from 8-year-olds selling cookies on a snow day. (1 for a quarter/ 4 for a dollar) I figured that was fair enough. Monkey Boy seemed to enjoy the cookies. He never napped.

About 5pm, we all called it a day and decided to dive into some hot chocolate. It was the only reasonable way to end a snow day. For snow night, I think it’ll be pasta, wine and movies. It’s not exactly a winter wonderland, but it’s not a bad gig either.


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  1. Katie

    MB looks more like a young man and not a little boy. Tell him to quit growing, please. 🙂