Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I am almost done being mad at you. I have calmed down enough to realize that you had the best intentions when you “suggested” to Monkey Boy that he might like a Thomas the Train, FIVE DAYS before Christmas. I understand that he looked terrified and was unable to find his words to tell you what he wanted and it seemed like the Christian thing to do to help this poor child out. You are a Saint after all.

Christmas morning 2009

But you see Santa, Thomas had never been on the menu before that day. In fact, Monkey Boy had shown absolutely NO interest in him. But after he met you, he told Baby Daddy and me several times, “Santa told me he’s bringing me Thomas.” That’s enough to send a psychotic mother like me into a tailspin.

But you are good, Santa. Thank you for sending your darling elves at the Heights Toy Store to help me. They fixed Monkey Boy right up with a Thomas, train tracks and accessories. They were incredibly kind and helpful when they talked me down off the crazy mommy ledge.

But I want to thank you most of all for the look of glee on my son’s face when he saw there was a Thomas the Train for him on Christmas morning, just as you promised. I want to thank you for the hours of pure joy he has gotten from playing with that train already. I am grateful to you for helping a 3-year-old boy believe in the spirit that made his Christmas special. (By the way, he also really liked the monster truck and Mac truck, you know the stuff he originally asked for.)

So why in the name of all that is Christmas magic would you put a harmonica in his stocking at Pop’s house?! For that, old man, you will NEVER be forgiven.




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6 responses to “Dear Santa

  1. Psssst. We may have to revoke your Society of Sassy Southern Cynics membership for this one. =)

  2. Oh I would have ended up in a tailspin as well! So glad that it turned out ok, he looks so cute!

  3. Ohhhh Thomas. It always starts with just one!
    It is like cocoaine for little boys.
    Our play room looks like a Thomas the Train hurricane hit it- 2 years of LOVING that dang show!!
    Good luck!!!
    And watch out for Super 10 Diesel, he is the scary one!

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