Rocking the Jingle Bells

Monkey Boy’s school did a Christmas program. You would have thought there was an actual rock star on the stage with the parents piled in front with cameras and video recorders. Instead it was a bunch of 2-4 year olds who didn’t really sing, so much as shout the words of the songs. But they. were. fabulous. And the crowd went wild.

Monkey Boy is particularly good at “Up on the House Top.” He can Ho! Ho! Ho! with the best of the them. But he seems to truly excel at Jingle Bells. I was certain he was gonna whack the poor child in front of him in the head with those bells. Thankfully, everyone managed to get through the event with no injuries.

Somehow one of the children didn’t seem to think this dog and pony show was all that fabulous. She tried to make a run for it, but her escape attempts were thwarted, despite her pleas for a speedy departure stage right.


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