The Difference Between Boys and Girls

I grew up when we were Free To Be You and Me. I was certain the only difference between boys and girls was plumbing. William could have a doll for all I cared. I felt sure that all gender differences were socialized into children. And I still think a lot of them probably are. For example, I know I’m guilty of being really tough on Monkey Boy when it comes to crying and whining partially because I cannot stand that and also, say what you want about gender enlightenment, people do not like cry baby boys and judge them harshly.

I do not claim to be an expert on gender identification issues. All I know is, I never had a brother, but now I have a son, and there are certain things about boys that are just different from girls. It’s fascinating. Case in point: since it’s Christmas and I feel compelled to prove I’m not a neglectful mother, I made goody bags for all the kids in Monkey Boy’s class. Each snowman bag included a puzzle, some chocolate, an ornament and two Christmas themed erasers.

Monkey Boy brought one of the bags home with him. Saturday, he asked if he could open it. He didn’t bother with removing the twist tie, just ripped the side out of the bag. Awhile later I heard him and Baby Daddy in the next room roaring at each other, which is not unusual. (Some days the child claims to be a dog and barks at me all day) Then I heard Monkey Boy yell, “And the Gingerbread Man will eat Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” *Big Roar*

flinging erasers to see which bounces farthest

I don’t care  what anyone says, not many girls turn simple erasers into a Wild Kingdom smack down. Boys turn EVERYTHING into an imaginary death match. Oh, and I can’t find the puzzle, ornament or chocolate that were also in the bag. Although where the chocolate went is really no great mystery. He ate that Dollar Store candy.



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3 responses to “The Difference Between Boys and Girls

  1. Amy

    We were at a restaurant last night waiting for a table. Jack turned to Finn and said “Hey, wanna fight?” Finn said “Yeah, let’s fight!”

    And so they proceeded to throw down in the entryway of Cantina Laredo.

    Girls would never, ever have that conversation.

  2. As the mother of 3 boys, I totally get it. When people bring their girls over, I secretly watch them. It fascinates me as they sit there quietly coloring, playing with their dolls or whispering to each other (boys don’t whisper – ever, unless they are up to something. Their lives happen at full volume!). I keep waiting for them to break lose and start climbing on something or start talking about snot or something, but they just sit there all sweet and ladylike. I just don’t see how they can be the same species as my rowdy boys!

  3. Don

    Free to be you and me! I forgot all about that crap. And is that Alan Alda singing?