This Sunday at church, Monkey Boy’s teacher reported they went around the room asking each child what they were thankful for. Each child in turn dutifully claimed they were thankful for their Mom and Dad. They obviously had proper home training. Each child, until they got to Monkey Boy, who reported he is thankful for… Mater. (For the uninitiated, Mater is a character in the Disney/ Pixar movie Cars, a movie that has been viewed no less than 200 times in our house)

Monday, his school sent home a paper bag turkey he made with construction paper feathers representing what he is thankful for. I’m reasonably sure he was coaxed into adding Mom and Dad to his gratitude for trucks and cars. But it was a nice gesture all the same.

So on this day before the Big Eat, my incomplete list of gratitude:
*Monkey Boy who makes me laugh, cry, scream and smile
*Katy Kat who makes me proud, worry, happy and hopeful
*Baby Daddy who’s kept me saner than I have any right to be and stuck with me for reasons that defy explanation
*My Family (the whole lot of them) who despite their flaws have loved me all my life despite mine
*Old Friends who come to my home, help themselves to food and drink and flop on my couch and relax
*New Friends who inspire me with their creativity, challenge me with their views, and make me a fuller, richer person
*Enough work to keep a roof over our head, food on our table, and clothes on our backs with plenty left over for luxuries
*Coffee – let’s be serious, I would be intolerable without it, so maybe that’s more what YOU should be thankful for



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3 responses to “Grateful

  1. Betsey Mowery

    You crack me up! I really enjoy reading what you write! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hahaha! What a great list. And I’m thankful for Mater too. He makes me smile.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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