One Day

One day when he is bigger than me and a smart mouthed teen instead of a smart mouthed toddler and I want to kick him out because I can’t take it anymore, I will look at these photos and remember a time when I had no need of any entertainment. I just wanted to watch him breathe in and out while he slept.

I will laugh when I think how he kicked off his covers every night no matter how many times I put them back on and no matter how cold it was in the house, he felt like an oven when I checked on him. I will smile when I think of how he would hold on to his pillow yelling, “Nooooo!” and “Don’t want to!” when I tried to get him to wake up in the morning because I know exactly how he felt.

One day he won’t want to lay his head on my shoulder in the morning while he wakes up. He’ll be far too cool for that. So I’ll be the one to remember that he slept with his bum in the air and even after I brushed it, his hair looked exactly the same as it did when he first woke up.

But today, when I sent this guy off to school he stopped on the porch steps and yelled, “LOVE YOU MOMMY!” at the top of his lungs.



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5 responses to “One Day

  1. You rock. I bet Jackson will always love you…. well until you bust out the pictures with his bum in the air to his new gf he brings home from college.

  2. I love when they sleep with their butts in the air. So cute! When I’m having a particularly bad day with my kids, I go back and look at pictures like that.

  3. Glenna James

    I’m pretty sure I can find a couple of pictures with your bum in the air. I’m more amazed every day at how much you and Jackson are alike.

  4. Gee

    Some people store up memories of precious moments like these to look at and talk about to somebody else when time and the babies have moved on……..but you, YOU enjoy your moments NOW ~ before they become memories! How clever you are ! Kerri, you’re the greatest Mom ever! How lucky Charlie and Jackson are to have you with them!! How lucky we all are! Love you –Ginger

  5. Jennifer

    Kerri, this is wonderful. I have the same emotions every night as I look in on my two kiddos. All the frustration of the day melts away. And I love starting the morning by carrying my first grader to the breakfast table. Here lately, she’s started to walk, which of course she’s perfectly capable of doing. But part of me wants her to stay little. Thanks for putting into words what most parents feel.