My Birthday Wish: Dignity

Kerri birthday

celebrating my birthday

My birthday is this week. Except for my parents when I was young and Baby Daddy because it’s funny, I don’t ask for gifts. (I have always accepted them, but never asked) This year I’m making an exception. Times are hard all around. We are blessed. We have a warm, dry place to sleep and food on our table. So for my birthday, I’m asking for contributions to Our House Shelter for Working Homeless.

This center helps families get back on their feet. They help parents get job skills and then jobs, find permanent housing, provide basic necessities for their families. I cannot think of a more worthy calling than giving people their dignity.

There is an amazing project with Mass Communication students at UALR called Project Our House. You can find out how to meet immediate needs for this organization on Twitter or Facebook.

Do what you can. Not because of me, but because no one reading this blog is worried about how to feed their kids tonight. Too many other people are. My birthday wish is for the dignity of work for every parent trying to raise their children the best that they can.



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4 responses to “My Birthday Wish: Dignity

  1. What a sweet thing to do. And that picture is precious…..bless your heart!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for your birthday! Good for you! And Happy Birthday this week!

  3. Happy Birthday! This is a very selfless thing to do in an “it’s all about me” kind of world.

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