I’m a Very Good Driver

There is a considerable amount of discussion around the house that I am a bad driver. I am, in fact, a very good driver. But I have the tiniest problem with stationary objects. Moving vehicles stand a fighting chance. Parked cars never see it coming. Parking Garages are especially problematic, all those pillars and over sized SUVs. Today I hit the truck in front of me in the turning lane. I wasn’t texting or applying make up or anything inappropriate. I just hit his back bumper. While he was sitting still. *sigh*

Since neither of us were hurt and we both only sustained bumper damage, we pulled into a nearby gas station parking lot to wait for the police. and wait. and wait. for and hour. And puddle in the 100+ degree heat. It seems I timed this traffic incident to coincide with three burglaries in progress and a manhunt on the north side of the river. Great. The AC just blows hot air when you’re sitting still. I’m not one of the nice Southern girls who just glows or glistens. I sweat. I sweat through my clothes. I sweat through my bra, and if you knew padding needed to give the girls that nice lift, you would know why this is no small amount of perspiration I’m describing.

The man I hit was very nice. He didn’t really seem all that angry that I hit his truck. We started talking and exchanged information and I found out he’s the Executive Director of a nonprofit here in town. So I started pitching him for the contract services for special events my friend and I could provide. He laughingly told me I might have landed a new client out of this ordeal.

Then the LRPD finally peeled themselves from actual crime to write up our fender bender. One of them asked me if I was a Clinique girl. He noticed the black shirt dress and thought I looked like I sold makeup at the mall. I caught the other looking at my legs and he “recovered” by complimenting my shoes. They gave me a citation.

The whole thing could have been much worse. Someone could have been hurt and I could have done serious damage to either of our cars. Neither happened. But I think just to be on the safe side, I’ll wait until Monday to follow up on the potential client.


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  1. wordemic

    Bad driver say it ain’t so someones bad is also someones good kudos on taking lemons to make lemonade!!!! Good Luck on closing your new client… 😉

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