Favorite Things

There is an amazing interior designer here in Little Rock named Tobi Farley. She’s developed a cult-like following for her great taste and interesting writing on design. On her blog, she’s doing a series on her “Favorite Things.” Accordingly, I’ve been inspired me to make my own list of favorites.

In no particular order, My Favorite Things:
1) laughing so hard, my stomach hurts the next day
2) when Monkey Boy is really tired and asks me to hold him “like a baby”
3) iced sugar cookies
4) cool, clean sheets after a shower when I’ve spent the day in the sun
5) listening to my baby daddy read bedtime stories to Monkey Boy and do the character voices until they both laugh hysterically
6) summer rain (when I’m indoors)
7) when one of the dogs walks up and puts the top of her head against my leg because she wants to be petted
8 ) good friends staying late into the evening at our house telling stories, especially when some are even true
9) excellent customer service at KRAFTCO, Tanglewood Pharmacy and the post office in the Heights
10) the old men in the Heights Starbucks who gather in the morning to tell lies and let me join them sometimes
11) coffee
12) Monkey Boy raising his arms and declaring, “Ina hold ju.”
13) friends so comfortable in my house, they fix their own food, drinks, etc.
14) good books
15) beautiful clothes and fun shoes
16) my blackberry
17) comfortable silence
18) sleep


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