I went to the Little Rock Tweetup last night. It was spectacular. It had all the right elements: nerds like me, cocktails, “HELLO My Name is” name tags, and tons of blackberrys and iPhones.

I like to consider myself a clever girl. This is not always the case, and sometimes I get a bit full of myself and carried away. One of the tweeters there is named Robert Blake. He seems like a perfectly nice fella. Don’t really know him that well, but he makes a lovely first impression. I’m not sure he would say the same of me.

Now is the time to explain that I LOVE the movie Bull Durham and pride myself on being able to quote sections of that movie. So I began at some point in the evening to quote the movie by yelling, “I mean Robert Blake!” It has since been pointed out to me that this would have actually been funny if his name had been William Blake.

There’s a reason I was never one of the cool kids.



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  2. Missed this story the first time around but LOVING it now…