Cuter in Person

I don’t just want to win. I HATE losing. This competitive spirit causes problems from time to time because it leads to insane behavior. For example, recently over the strong objections by the husband to the absurdity of the plan, I had photos of Monkey Boy made with live bunnies. This was supposed to have something to do with Easter, but mostly, it’s about getting cute pics of the kid. And they are!

Then the photo studio set up a “pic of the month” contest, where people can vote on the cutest image taken that month. I think the winner gets a gift certificate of some kind. That is not the point. The point is that there is contest with a winner. And I must be the winner, or at least my kid must be. I have sent the link with voting instructions to more people than is socially acceptable. In fact, more people than is Yahoo acceptable. I had to break up the list into multiple emails because Yahoo limits the number of addresses you can send to at one time.

I forgot to take my husband’s email off one of the lists. He had a brief but clear response: “Good Lord!” Others, in their attempts to be kind and keep the crazy lady happy have told me of their votes and doted on the cuteness of my kid. Smart move. But the best response comes from a former co-worker, who speaks the unvarnished truth with a level of humor that is just unmatched:

I voted, but I’ve got to say that the rabbit – and maybe I just haven’t seen a rabbit in a while – but it looks like some kind of mutant rabbit-squirrel-chipmunk hybrid to me. And much like I would, J appears to be recoiling from it.
Maybe it was cuter in person.

I really miss working with her.


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